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  • [ – ] SuperNovaOnTheRocks reply One who complains in order to be the victim or those who don't appreciate what they have are the most annoying people in the world... Generally, complaining is scientifically proven to be good for your health, BUT, only little quick rants and stuff to get things off your chest. A little vent here and there is good for you. Chronic complainers, however, need to get over themselves. Just stop...
    • GAConyers parent reply I have one of those chronic pains in the family. Admittedly, I tend to tune them out whenever they are in the room because they'll even walk around sighing loudly and dramatically in hopes that you'll ask so they can start ranting continuously.
  • znushu reply The graphics in this video hurt my eyes abit. But hey, nice vid :D
  • Ika_BakaKu reply This video is great LOL.. Luv it!
  • RichardWendling reply Man, the video won't play all the way through.(valid complaint), aww darn!
  • Trap_Luverz reply lol I spotted Triggly Puff, cool video.
  • N-A-S-K reply Why is it so wrong for people under 18 to vent?
  • BryanYakuzon reply I love your style of videos
  • Tea_Tree reply it is okay to complain as long as you are polite and try to fix it
  • Temmie19 reply I may not fix some of problems I really should, but I try to avoid talking about it simply because I know it bothers people. Besides, negativity spreads and I feel the energy could probably be spent better otherwise.
  • Angry-Quad reply Bitchin' is fun! Although solutions are better. trust me I'm a quadriplegic and all I do is my best to come up with ideas to get stronger! SWEET EDITING BTW.......
  • Jmusic-singerandsongwriter reply interesting video...glad I ran into it
  • Starseed reply Oh Hey @Ika_BakaKu <3 Fancy seeing you here! lol
  • myimc reply Vidme worst than you yeah come at me losers
  • MrMemeKing reply Great editing and video mate. let me share a edgy quote of mine "There are no angels, Just devils trying to help there own ego"
  • RichardWendling reply I like your video!
  • RichardWendling reply Sorry to rant! No, no I'm not sorry! NOT MY PRESIDENT, <donning pussy hat> I'm Melting in room temperature! Dude, is not anyone's president, he is an Orange headed actor propped up like all the other actors(Reagan did bedtime for Bonzo). Cry because we have been duped and believed any of it for a second! Cry because the elites eat our children, cry because you are just too stupid to do anything. I'll give you something to cry about!<shhhhhhhhhhhhh ran outa steam>..... Put your faith in no man!(slightly off topic LULZERS)!
  • RichardWendling reply Living in ego and blindly moving forward from your blunders while blaming others is the new Norm(narcissism), who needs mirrors when we have SELFIES! Our world at this point validates escaping the pain of learning about our world. Hmmmmm? seems self fulfilling and prophetic....Never let um grow up. If dogs grew up they would want to kill us, we keep them docile puppies who stay babies forever. Never learning the code of Tooth and Claw(er something Jack London, blah blah, masonic public school blah!).
  • RichardWendling reply Stop trying to take away who I am, my complaints and bitching! RIGHT? ACURA CAKE!
  • RichardWendling reply Maybe we complain cuz we need to be fucked. I never thought of that. but MISTER GARRISON did! He will fuck um all to deeth!
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