Pulled Pepsi Commercial Commercializing Black Lives Matter

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  • [ – ] Sharpwing reply So this is what they pull their ads from YouTube in favor of? No wonder people thought it was tone deaf.
    • [ – ] MindlessGonzo parent reply It did sound very deaf. I mean, in reality a cop will be looking at you down the barrel of a gun thinking of shooting you just so you don't breed more dumb people. XD
      • [ – ] Sharpwing parent reply Also the person approaching the cop wouldn't be happy and with a Pepsi to give him. They be angry and with a brick that they want to use to bust his skull open.
        • MindlessGonzo parent reply Guess she gets a pass because she's just Kendall Jenner with no blonde wig or purple lipstick as shown earlier in the clip.
      • Sharpwing parent reply I don't even think this was just meant to reference Black Lives Matter. I think this was meant to show the entire Black Block in a positive light. No I'm not just talking about Black people others in the comment section. The Black Block is considered to be those going around in Black clothes and hiding their faces with bandannas. They've done everything from vandalism, to assault, to destruction of property in all forms, to theft, to illegally blocking roads, to spitting in people's faces to arson.
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