Relationships: The Honeymoon Phase

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  • conner reply hilarious editing man. I second @sarah's comment about extra guac.
  • milkybuns reply especially after you hit the 1 year mark I get so boooored (or maybe I just have a really short attention span). i don't get how people get married and love each other for all of eternity. maybe this just means I'm going to die alone
  • WebNoob reply Relationships seem stupidly complicated. I have no experience, that's why I say that.
  • NickOfTime reply Great Video, Curt! I have definitely been played the fool by the Honeymoon Phase before. But happy to say I still cared for and loved that person when when their flaws became apparent. I think another danger people fall into is this Force Honeymoon Phase a few years in. When you're so stubborn that you've invested so much time into this relationship that you refuse to see the obvious writing on the wall and how that person has fallen out of love for you while that person is in their own Forced Honeymoon Phase because they can't see an easy way out of a relationship they're not invested in.
  • [ – ] DroodFilms reply I've done some dumb stuff for love. Including spend hours on an animated valentine I never sent her. Also, SAAAX!
  • sarah reply LOL buy em extra guac. that's true love right there. great video! i love how you actually added the scientific aspect of this, really explained a lot
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