Castlevania [NES] - Full Playthrough

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  • [ – ] rebeledgeentertainment reply I never was able to get through the first Castlevania game. Now I finally have seen the end game. Great playthrough Mega really enjoyed it.
    • [ – ] MegaRetroMan parent reply Thank you very much! Give it a try when you can. Holy Water + III Block is your best friend! I'm not proud of the fact it took me that long to beat Dracula, thus speeding through that particular segment of the video, but blessed be for that II Block that showed up making things easier. Believe it or not the Grim Reaper is normally the one giving me a difficult time.
      • [ – ] rebeledgeentertainment parent reply I'm going to have to find the game on eBay or Amazon. Did you ever beat Castlevania 3?
        • [ – ] MegaRetroMan parent reply Indeed! Both American and Japanese versions! I mainly play the Japanese version because of the extra sound channel, making the OST a lot better than the American version. But that's personal opinion. :D
          • [ – ] rebeledgeentertainment parent reply You really have gaming skills for sure than. I have heard that is the hardest Castlevania to beat.
            • [ – ] MegaRetroMan parent reply Thank you! NES Castlevania games don't come without work for obvious reasons. But as long as you keep at it, it's very rewarding. With CVIII, same thing, Holy Water + III Block is your best friend. In fact Cross Boomerang works great too.
  • [ – ] StormStrikerSX9 reply where do you get the Chain Whip? i know it's been some time sense i played Simon;s Quest
    • MegaRetroMan parent reply Chain Whip is in the town near where you get the Sacred Flame. From obtaining the Sacred Flame, go Left 1 screen, and go down to the lower Left to go to the town. Chain Whip should be your first door for 150 hearts.
  • [ – ] StormStrikerSX9 reply it is a pain for me too i am having to retry Simon's Quest because i want to start with the Thorn Whip plus i died quite a bit lol
  • [ – ] StormStrikerSX9 reply YaY you finally played Castlevania you said you would and here it is well done Mega. and Sweet Gameplay
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