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  • [ – ] Hoshi-Hana reply Looking at your layers it's like looking at my own. haha xD I just don't lock them. Really like how you do eyes Amazing as always. I really enjoy your little chibi series :D
    • [ – ] Raichana parent reply Yeah i just lock them cause it's easier for me. I look at those who don't lock or one layer things and i am in awe. Also glad you like how i do eyes, it's probably my fav part (next to hair) which is why i always do it first~ But seriously thank you, should have more chibi's on the way soon.
      • [ – ] BlackbirdFrost parent reply I'm not that good with Sai. I typically only use it for lineart. I've grown too accustomed to "cheating" in Photoshop with filters and layer effects. Really like your style, though! Watching this makes me want to learn Sai better.
        • Raichana parent reply I find it much easier to accomplish the look i want in Sai but photoshop is a good program as well. Besides the things you called 'cheating' are just tools, you are free to use them as you see fit in order to achieve the end result you want. Nothing wrong with that.
      • Hoshi-Hana parent reply Nothing wrong with it :D We find our own ways doing things to save time :D You're very welcome :D The hair is amazing too! Look forward to it! ❤️❤️
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