Top 15 Worst Comics I've Ever Reviewed - Atop the Fourth Wall

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  • Fighting_Zenith reply 15. Liefeld has a huge ego a la Seth McFarlane. However, at least Seth has actual talent and skills. 14. As retarded as the Expunger was, at least that was memorable. 13. Patronizing, and ignores those became successful upon dropping out of college (Gates, Jobs, Wozniak, Allen, Cosby) or never bothered (Noel Coward, George Bernard Shaw, various musicians). My parents still want me to go to college even though I don't want to. 12. I'd also mention that Liefeld tries too hard to be original, but isn't good at being original or good. 11. I don't know what's worse: That or Teen Titans Go? 10. Story cohesion, what's that? 9. The fact that the SF Movie and its comic adaptation was better than this should tell you something. 8. I've already said what I needed to say about this. 7. This was an obvious choice. 6. Another obvious choice. I know one guy on who called this an abortion that had no reason to exist. 5. Hmmm...Aside from your review, I have no opinion on this. 4. They l...moreook like they're drawn by bad imitators of both Kody Chamberlain and Rob Guillory. The fact that Silent Hill had potential to be expanded upon exacerbates the IDW comics' badness. 3. I'll let this off the hook because it was badly done on purpose. 2. Marville, it makes you want to apologize to Image. 1. Talking about an abortion of a comic. I have no opinion on the first dishonorable; Countdown sucks; this makes you want to apologize to Joel Schumacher; Protoclown on I-Mockery already tore this a new asshole; more like the Suck-ass Defenders; that was a big middle finger to Jack Kirby, someone who already got screwed by Marvel. So, will there be another fifteen worst comics you reviewed list?
  • _Vorbei_ reply incredibly annoying
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