Why did VidMe ban me from their reddit page out of the blue

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  • VeryDeplorable reply After some of the events on Reddit, threads being locked or deleted for no reason, rogue mods(sure) etc, I consider reddit a writeoff.
  • [ – ] I3UTM reply Did you look at Reddit's TOS? They may be more restrictive than Vidme. Some other Vidizens have had this issue as well. I plan to set-up an alternative to Vidme's subreddit on Voat.co. Sorry to see you go. I will sub on your YouTube channel. Thanks for all your hard work!
    • crua9 parent reply Ya, and I didn't see any part of anything I did recently that broke any rule. But it's mostly this and everything else that VidMe is doing that is pushing me away. Between the bugs, the lack of security, the lack of viewers on this platform, how open to abuse this system is if you don't 100% support VidMe, how easy it is to abuse the numbers, and so on. Did you know if you make your web browser half the size or zoom in a bit, it will get rid of the search (the first thing I did when I came here was zoom in due to the size of my main monitor. This got rid of the search and it took me a while to figure out there really is a search bar) My hope for VidMe was to be a good place for educational videos since YouTube doesn't promote educational videos at all. But you're pretty much screwed unless if you're talking about VidMe is a very supportive way like a cult. (which means educational channels are screwed since not everything can relate to them. Like there is cool channels that teach h...moreow the brain works, but it's about impossible to find those types of channels. I mention to the support about this when I came here, and they told me to check and upload to the brain food category.)
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