6/30/17 Detecting in the rain with the HF9, 2 hours = $2.60 in clad

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  • [ – ] Cantewesa reply in the mid 90's i bought myself a used '71 pontiac ventura that had the original window sticker still stuffed in the glovebox. the sticker price brand new off the lot in '71 was $1750 if that says anything about inflation. the people living in the same houses on my street in '71 were paying less than $15000 for the houses on this street and making within a few bucks of what people today are making at the same packing jobs
    • WildcatCreekSurvival22 parent reply Wages have not kept up with real inflation which started in earnest in 1965 when they began to remove the silver coins from circulation. In 1964 a new Ford Mustang cost $2,320, the minimum wage was $1.25, a McDonalds hamburger was .15, a bottle of Coke from a machine was .10 and some places still had it for .05, a public phone call was .10 and so was the average cup of coffee, a silver dime from 1964 is now worth $1.20 melt value which indicates actual inflation is 12x 1964, and my Dad paid $10,000 for a nice house in the city in 1954 on a 30 year mortgage. So if you saved a $1 bill in 64, and spent it today you would have lost .92c in purchasing power on every dollar bill you saved, as those dollar bills from 1964 are now down to about .08c each. A criminal enterprise against the American people with the Federal Reserve Bank in bed with the politicians.
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