Where is the Love VIDME?! | Mr. A.T.

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  • [ – ] MultiKillerjoe reply Personally i do both youtube and vidme i came to vidme to get known better and everyone was nice but lately i see these trolls or drama hoes and leafy wanna be's on here with there click bait crap its annoying. Where is the love tbh i am a gamer i bring good content here it barely watch i've never been featured on main features it kinda blows but i still love vidme and atleast people are supportive on things. Tbh i got verification fast. But still hard to get my content out there!
    • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas parent reply I know exactly how you feel bro, most of them on this website are big youtube wannabes and that annoys me more to the point they not being original just the same old Bullshit over and over again and I have no interest on all the big youtubers, I rather be myself making decent and honest videos, I don't do clickbait because I Personally hate clickbaiting. I'm a person that does my own thing and not follow someone else's footsteps but my own, ps I'm a gamer myself for only Nintendo and Sony playstation but I don't do let's plays, I'm a speed sketch artist and flash animator.
  • [ – ] MysticSword reply Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Andrei. You raise some good points. Respect & best wishes.
    • MrATAndreiThomas parent reply Your welcome bro, something needs to be done about all of this, I was a little angry with vidme yesterday because I got sick and tired of seeing the same content creators on the Trending feed from big content creators from youtube to featured content creators and I been on this platform everyday and I been watching them I had this gut feeling that some was not right on this platform because there was no exposure for the Small content creators who are unverified and verified users who have less followers, I'm going to make a Vidme Update video tomorrow on the follow up of this video and I will announce my own community spirit operation which it will happened next week.
  • [ – ] AsKaGangsta reply i believe you play a big part on vidme. Your videos are real and straight to the point. That's what people really need to appreciate. I agree with you 100% You deserve way more respect for what you are doing for this website.
  • [ – ] Lawborn reply I sure hope VidMe doesn't become like youtube.
  • [ – ] Naturenerd1000 reply Yeah it's very hard to get a foothold on vidme if you don't have a verification check mark. It's unfair for new content creators especially with the 1 gig limit per week limit and no categories.
    • MrATAndreiThomas parent reply Yes indeed and vidme is doing is not cool, there are thousands if not millions of users who have great gifts of entertainment to show to the world and what vidme is doing is following the same route as youtube and I really don't want to see vidme go the same way as youtube into phasing out the new content creators and making it harder for them also they need to stop showing too much featured content creators on the Trending feed because that what's making it harder for the small content creators who are verified with low amount of followers and unverified.
  • [ – ] lancesmith2012 reply awesome and i agree with you
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