Skyrim | Part 4 | Put Your Hands Up and SHOUT!!!

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  • [ – ] ImmortalJeremy reply Ah well Thought I would just say I liked the facecam videos :)
    • NikolaiSnow parent reply Thank you:)! I'll probably do face cam for outlast 2! So if you want to, it would be awesome if you followed me so you're aware of when that starts:)!
  • [ – ] ImmortalJeremy reply Still though. It reminds me of my hair a few months ago. I have lowlights in now though so it looks more natural for my work. You should use face cam more often, it's entertaining to me. Is your profile pic the color you have now? And is that red or orange? What brand do you use? Lol sorry for all the questions but I'm genuinely interested
    • NikolaiSnow parent reply awe, poor natural. and my hair is more or less that color now, its faded and cut. As for face cam, Most videos with face cam are from when I used to stream. I rarely record face cam for other stuff.
  • [ – ] ImmortalJeremy reply Hey dude what's up? Love your hair
  • ImmortalJeremy reply Heck Yeah Im down for some OL2
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