KILLING A MASSIVE SHARK! | Stranded Deep | W/ Ben Grylls! #8

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  • CrashCat reply Trophy her damn ass. Or eat her. That damn shark spent enough time trying to eat you. >;)
  • dannyt0781 reply Trophy mateeeeeeee!!!!!
  • lisadavy-thorburn reply Eat her!! Eat Big Bess!!! But keep her head to show her aunts and uncles Ben Grills means business. Hunter hint, her husband Alfie lerks out in deeper waters... find the 3 towers and you'll find him!
  • TheClimbBackUp reply yo, build a lovely stone table especially for her and decorate it all nice. shame there was no skull lamps
  • TheClimbBackUp reply you need to kill that bastard shark!!!!!!! will you call it Sam? its my ex and she was an annoying bitey horible stalking cunt
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