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  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply lol everyone has their hair dyed xD Rob! just make an account. Don't need to upload anything if you don't want. Just make an acc so that you can upvote marc's vids and comment and follow other creators too. and them MAYBE one day you will feel to upload something. Marc, i agree with you the document over creating, but as a viewer it would be nice if you have a story. You have an advantage here, you live in Sweden and we don't know many vloggers from sweden, most vloggers are from LA or NY. Casey Neistat has NY, you have Sweden. I wouldn't like your channel to be a travel/tips channel about Sweden, i would like to see your channel revolve around your personality, but i think it would be cool for the beginning to let us have a glimpse of the lifestyle in Sweden, like events, parades, castles, or even weird candies we don't know or interesting things you do.
    • MarcAngeloRocafort parent reply Hahaha we should make VidMe Dyed Hair Club :P and he does have an account but he hasn't put his stuff out here yet :( I am so thankful that you contribute big time in helping me shape my craft here on VidMe :D I can try my best to tell a story each vlog, I feel that as a filmmaker that's something I need to do more of :D
  • [ – ] 512markdd reply I watch vloggers that I connect with. Just keep doing you. And upload to Vidme Rob!
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