Is VidMe the Next YouTube?

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  • [ – ] aaliyah_holt1995 reply should be the next YouTube.
    • [ – ] Tharen parent reply Nothing should be the next Youtube, Youtube should stay and Twitch, Vidme and others should become big. Like ABC, CBS, Fox, etc.
      • [ – ] aaliyah_holt1995 parent reply I didn't really mean it by that. I really mean is if people get sick of YouTube they may come here, Daily Motion, Minds etc For instance I made a video about how a lost a friend because of Anxiety. YouTube probably would of demonetized it with Anxiety in the name, but on the other hand doesn't censor people like YouTube.
        • rulesforrebels parent reply are videos actually taken down or just demonetized because that is two very different things?
        • [ – ] Tharen parent reply A recent change that has ruined peoples lives. People who did this as a living can't move to vidme for videos like that. We should all keep this in mind.
          • [ – ] sgtdoggo parent reply I think the same. Youtube has been a job for many, and with Vidme's donation system it could prove very intresting as a job. You wouldnt be able to clickbait anymore, but would have to ENTERTAIN..
            • theMagdalenRose parent reply So far the only problem I see with this system is that the vast majority of people aren't tipping at all. I see a lot of entertainers who haven't received a single tip. Hope it works out.
  • [ – ] smoothcc reply Welcome to the website. You will find the comment section over here is a lot more chill.
  • [ – ] SpeedyGaming reply It's super exciting to see that vidme might just go the route of 2004 youtube. :D
  • [ – ] Tharen reply The ONLY problem with Youtube is a few decisions they made. The ads paid for creators lives. The Money helped people be creative full time. There was never anything wrong with that until they had to try and save the money from SJW advertisers. Listen Youtube can fix itself. Vidme could be Youtube with ads and clickbait and all, if it's independent it wouldn't matter. The way people are approaching this "Youtube is evil since 2006" no Youtube was amazing, youtube is amazing it's created so many lives for people, Vidcon, Twitch, Rooster Teeth so many things would not exsist without Youtube. So i reckon people should stop shitting on Youtube, yes they made mistakes but they have no idea what is right it's uncharted territory. No website like Youtube has ever exsisted, let alone supported millions of jobs, let alone lost it's ads because it's content is artistic and freedom of speech. They don't know what to do, were' backseat drivers. We should hope for the best with Youtube, help Vidm...moree become amazing and respect what Youtube did and is trying to do. Their new rules are just a way to bring ads back to pay the people that make videos, they suck but what else can they do? they can't force ads to pay. This was long sorry Mag, but i had to speak this because so many people/comments all over the internet are so wrong.
    • wolfalexzemla parent reply people complain complain complain about yt and facebook and then go login.
    • rulesforrebels parent reply I agree with what your saying. I think removing videos vs demonetizing them are two completely different things and I think many people are somewhat hypocritical in that they complain about ads and other things, yet many aren't opening up their wallets to support creators. I'll be honest I really liked this video and at teh end was like I'll give a buck, and then I realized my wallet isn't near me, its either in the car or in my kitchen but it's cold and I'm kinda stoned and it's late and I'm probably not gonna get up and go get it and I may save this page for tomorrow but honestly I'll probably forget to come back and donate. Ads while a pain and all that are a way of us viewers getting free content and lets be honest most people are cheap and want free and dont wanna pay but then also dont wanna see ads
  • [ – ] Lordgamer227 reply I just hope vidme dosnt get a ton of ads
  • [ – ] VANIAOFFICIAL reply The same shit is gonna happen to Vidme. If Vidme gets the monopoly, so to speak, its gonna become just as corrupt as YouTube That's why we need BOTH to survive and compete with each other. But of course it wont happen People keep forgetting the whole monopoly thing and they just want YouTube to die. Mark my words, In ten years people will say... "I want _______ to become the next Vidme"
    • [ – ] theMagdalenRose parent reply You may be totally right. Only time will tell.
      • [ – ] Tharen parent reply You-tubes monopoly wasn't the issue. it was the advertiser monopoly of 99% of Youtubes revenue. They are now PC, YouTube had the rug pulled from under it. The problem is Vidme can't have ads, twitch, Facebook. None will ever be Youtube, it's over. Making money off videos is 99% gonna be over
        • [ – ] theMagdalenRose parent reply Personally, I think political correctness is Red Herring. Advertisers have been sticking their noses in the creative exploits for decades.
    • rulesforrebels parent reply its almost inevidable that when something grows and becomes main stream and in many ways better there are gonna be sacrafices made that some of us wont like. it happens with every platform that gets big or goes mainstream which is essentially teh goal of every platform
    • wolfalexzemla parent reply oogle will just buy vidme before it gets to big to threaten.
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Vidme is nothing like YouTube so you cannot make a comparison other than pointing out the differences. Youtubers success is based on the number of views to generate income, Vidizens income is currently based on subscriptions/tips, ie we the viewers decide if your content should be rewarded. This in my view is the perfect way to remove clickbaiting from any platform. Welcome to Vidme, lots of good people here that interact for the most part.
    • [ – ] theMagdalenRose parent reply I agree, value based incentives are a much better model. I hope my videos will be deemed worthy!
      • [ – ] JustABloke parent reply Put simply, a content creator here can have 1 video with 1 follower who subscribes for $1 per month, is a success story. This can never happen on Youtube.
        • [ – ] Tharen parent reply One dollar isnt enough to make a living on Vidme or Youtube, so can never happen on both.
          • [ – ] JustABloke parent reply I'm not talking about making a living, I'm talking about how a small content creator can get instant money without needing 1000 clicks on 1 of their videos to earn that $1. I have tipped 52x already and I do subscribe a few people here on vidme. The content creators I have talked to here on Vidme, don't expect to earn a living. Not everyone has your aspirations.
            • [ – ] Tharen parent reply lol. however you just assumed i have aspirations to make money. You said a dollar per month is "is a success story." i was telling you that no, a dollar a month is not "a success story." I do not do this for the money thankyou for assuming that tho. Shows what were all used too. Also Youtube started donations and they didn't work as well as Patreon. I agree with the first statement it's great. Hasn't happened to me yet but i see the appeal, hell i praised vidme directly once on a podcast when they told us they wanted to do the idea. :)
              • [ – ] JustABloke parent reply If I get tipped $1 for 1 video, in my eyes that's a success. Sorry if don't agree.
                • [ – ] Tharen parent reply Ignore every other point i brought up and focus in on something i said before and just corrected, then use a different terminology to technically be right. a success fuck yeah, if a video i do gets a view it's a success to me. You said "Success story" and then said "this can never happen on youtube" Pewdiepie is a success story. However your now saying in your eyes a success. Different discussion.
                • rulesforrebels parent reply its a success but you cant pay your rent with $1
        • rulesforrebels parent reply im not trying to be a rah rah fanboy of youtube, far from it, but you can get paid during live feeds for comments and can charge per video. not disagreeing with the overall sentiment of what your saying just trying to paint a clear picture
    • rulesforrebels parent reply i dig vidme, however i do think earning a living on this platform is going to be a challenge unless your doing something really unique and cool and really connecting with people and maybe that's the way it should be, however people want free content these days and very few people are willing to pay for it. i was gonna donate a buck to this video because i really enjoyed it, however with stripe i have to get up and get my wallet and right now my house is freezoing and im kind of stoned and lazy and im probably not gonna get up real talk. so while i do think advertisers ruin things, they also make it possible for creators to earn a living
  • RAGEfit reply A lot of truth in this. And you are very welcome here :)
  • cannotaccess reply Vidme is four content creaters and YouTube is for mainstream stuff like films.
  • MrJoelDee reply Welcome. 😁 Very nice to meet you.
  • Boobe2007 reply welcome to vidme, great video.
  • IrrelevantHero reply I work in marketing, and have been for the last 8 years. You're not far from the truth. Some agencies I've worked with are a fucking CANCER to companies that host multiple advertisers. Anyhow. I really just came to gawk at how insanely HD your camera is. What are you shooting with?
  • thy_koosk reply Welcome to! I just found your channel and I hope you have a positive experience here!
  • crua9 reply Nice video, and I've seen that with things like the game theory. Like before YouTube started really picking them up and dealing directly with them, they were much like everyone else. Now it's this commercial BS. Like it's not that bad, but it causes a major unfair advantage. But I think it's already being pushed with some channels that it has turned them into crap.
  • MrATAndreiThomas reply Welcome to vidme, it's good to have you on board as part of the vidme community and yes, vidme will be the next YouTube, as for youtube it is now a useless website, I have no respect for their website no more because for what they did to us small content creators by keeping us in the dark, promoting some of the most stinking, talentless big content creators on YouTube rewind, changing channel layouts to 3.0 cosmic panda back in 2012 to 4.0 the one channel back in 2013, both the cosmic panda and the one channel are the worst set of channel layouts that youtube ever created, youtube had messed up so many times that really pissed a lot of users off also I can not stand fucking clickbaiters, the subscribing glitch began in spring 2012 which made me lost over 10,000 subscribers back then before they force implemented the cosmic panda layout, then in late 2013 right after they forced implementated the one channel they added a stupid new commenting system to merge with Google plus then in Dec...moreember 2013 they upgraded the content identification system which was last introduced in mid 2008 which got me to leave youtube, then I came back in 2016 to continue making my videos consistently until they implemented the stupid advertising friendly guidelines and the youtube heroes programme, which was the final straw for me and to top it all of they had lied to us content creators saying that they was no subscribing glitch when they was and thats when started to leave youtube again but this time for permanent as I left youtube at new years eve 2016 to start fresh with vidme, MetaJolt and Vidbit future and now all the advertisers are pulling their ads away from YouTube which I knew more shit was about to happened with youtube and you know what, I am glad I left youtube to suffer the same way treat us small content creators like garbage with their deceitfulness hence, karma just bit youtube on the back side, so I am glad I left youtube for good which I'll be more supportive to vidme, because vidme is a breath of air and the team that operate their website are very well respected and more supportive to us small content creators. This is why vidme has got my respect as they respect me, fuck youtube, vidme is our new home now.
  • crissymoss reply I've noticed I really don't care for the music scene anymore. We listen to it in the car sometimes, but I use to ALWAYS have music on. Now the only stuff I listen to is something unusual and off the wall. It's harder to find unless you go looking on Bandcamp and buy directly from the artist...but that's a good thing in many ways. Same with books, I prefer self published over traditional because it is going to be something unusual and off the wall. And I'm noticing that the stuff here on is a lot like the old youtube use to be where I can sift through the front page and find some interesting new people (like you) where as I haven't found anyone new on youtube that was interesting in....god it's been more than a year.
  • Markusooi reply Welcome, and you are so right about the advertisers
  • DoctorEnki reply Yes, it is.
  • iJimUK reply Justin Timberlake is manufactured? 😱 Welcome to Vidme Mag, I am kinda new here and have to say, I love it. The community, staff the whole thing, people say this place is how YouTube used to be back in the day and after uploading to YouTube for around 4 years I have to agree, I have stopped uploading to them now. I know your going to fit in just nicely here. Enjoy 😊
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