Anime That Doesn't Suck - Yugioh Vrains

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  • MyAbsurdum reply The first YGO series to not feature a duel in the first episode. It caught me off guard but it was a welcoming change, in my opinion.
  • rexkid64 reply also Kamen what program do you use to edit your videos?
  • rexkid64 reply Trash kemen is a robot, skull kemen is a skeleton, and the other two are griffins. any more Kemens?
  • [ – ] ShoJoe reply Hey Kamen, a question- I was thinking about making my own kinda video like yours on VRains. Would you suggest uploading it on would have a greater chance of it not getting struck?
      • ShoJoe parent reply Is that cause Vid.Me actually understands the concept of a transformative work compared to Youtube? XD Or is it just that the large stick up their bums companies haven't griped by the neck yet and have a d*** measuring contest with their money? Or both?
  • rexkid64 reply Hello mangaKemen, what a great video you made. I'm rexkid64, a fan, I'm still very new to your youtube channel, but remember, it's just a theory, a gay theory
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