All the Bad Cameras

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  • [ – ] KB1NYD reply Just use the cell, I do. Easy, always with you, just the best option brother.
    • Skivinz parent reply sometimes the camera does wonky things like audio lag or other things. I may use it from time to time though.
  • Keith1212 reply Lots of cool cameras. True Vlogger when you have a stache of cameras like that lol. I remember when those Flips were popular.
  • 4CarGarage reply Does Twitch pay out any money?
  • nvoorberg reply Adam, you should look into the show mr. Robot very IT/Security themed. I think yoh might find it interesting
  • FortErieRocks47 reply You should be able to get batteries for all those cameras òn eBay
  • marcelstjean reply Just come back to youtube. At least they pay.. Vidme blows.
  • Jinjiyoshi reply At least all your cameras are still superior to the crappy monstrosity of a camera I have XD
  • bigvest454 reply just use the gopro it has a good picture
  • yaffyjack reply expand (possible spam) Great stuff Adam , glad to see a longer video and it's cool seeing all the different vlogging cameras
  • joshricker1 reply Adam you beard game is getting strong are ya letting it get long boss
  • Anthrit reply Holy cow you have a lot of flip style cameras. Oh I forgot that the older Panasonic cameras did that with the file format because the newer ones I have are mp4 and go right into premiere. What about using the Gopro? Ya that is the same thing our ISP is doing. Everyone is mad that I no longer run servers to play games but I would need a business account to do it.
  • AzGolfer reply Would you be open to donations?
  • poweraidgoalie reply you do a google search for vidme, it says this site may be hacked! google getting scared of this site maybe
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