UK, USA, Denmark: Resisting radical Islam

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  • [ – ] FluffyDoggies reply Here's another one for you, Muslims on remembrance day six years ago, the poppy symbolises the soldiers who died in WW1
  • [ – ] FluffyDoggies reply You might find this article from 2008 interesting
    • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply Most of these questions are very legitimate. On the one hand I can understand why few people trust the police, I am also one of those people. Maybe her mother had the feeling that the police just tried to nail her as a suspect. But there are a lot of open questions indeed.
      • FluffyDoggies parent reply In my opinion the parents are guilty of neglect at the minimum, what idiots leave three small children alone in a hotel room
  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector reply lol awesome video
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply All these links have been sent to me, so I do not deserve credit for it. I like that Danish Integration Minister XD.
  • [ – ] FluffyDoggies reply Article from July, sorry if I am providing you with too much material
  • [ – ] FluffyDoggies reply This woman provided under age girls to other men from Newcastle to be drugged and raped. Also I never knew prisons were so luxurious, it's no wonder no criminal is ever deterred from crime in Britain
    • FluffyDoggies parent reply
  • [ – ] FluffyDoggies reply
    • FluffyDoggies parent reply The people in the Daily Mail article about police wearing bear heads, nail polish and high heels and riding dodgems were actually a mix of police officers and PCSO's although the uniforms are very similar
  • Emil_Emilius reply No Muslim would ever standup against terrorism, rape or childfucking, than they would be no muslims anymore and that is "haram".
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