Richard Spencer on Charles Barkley Show - May 2017

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  • Fashy_South reply Fact of the matter is that there will be a separation of the races, either through peace or violence. They can choose to form their own nation and live in peace or we will remove them through violence. There will be a white ethno-state, so get used to the idea that you fear. Our ideas are powerful and beautiful at the same time and they have set fire to a movement that is sweeping the White world. If you want to shine like the sun you must first burn like it. We are on fire.👌
  • CFSpenglerien reply Says he's proud to be black, then proceeds to say a white guy is racist because he's proud to be white. Charles Barkley might be retarded.
  • RadicalRick88 reply "Just accept that your grandkids are gonna be Brown." Yeah we're gonna have to remove these people. They're fucking idiots.
  • PaleHominid reply This is edited into oblivion.
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