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  • WalkerTrips reply Hey, DB. Look forward to seeing more stuff from you this year. I get the whole news thing being a bastard for indie folks. It's gonna be much better if you give yourself time to really delve into something. Good luck and cheers to the year ahead.
  • roshugaming reply Have fun at magfest man hope you have fun sounds freaking awesome
  • LVLWON reply Worst part of 2016 was listening to people complain about 2016 (⌐■_■). Anyway, organize your time and keep up the good work!
  • Mugiwara_Necoke reply I see you fam, time management is really important to me since I usually have college 4 days a week, so my plan is to work smart this year. I have an actual schedule and will always try to have a video done in case one piece the manga or anime is on break. I'm ahead of schedule so far but I really need to work on being less of a worry wart when it comes to consistent uploads, good luck to you
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