Haribo Starmix Berry Flavour (Sweets) Review

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  • nodetact reply So maybe I am being overthought when I mention this, but it's part of the point I'm trying to make: Like myself, Sam's ability to offer insight and constructive criticism makes his lack thereof for legitimate reactions and even at such times emotions completely worth forgiving. Call me crazy even on a special piece video on variant candy, but if you notice how some people react and/or get all emotional (whether reasonable or over the top), it has the every now and then tendency to diminish and cancel their will for personal input and explanation. Now I'm not saying that there are trade offs for everybody when it comes to per se the observant world (more sensing or cut off?), it's just something I ironically can offer my two cents on at the moment. That, and I also justify my quietness to help my grandparents sleep at night like I justify everything else lol. But yeah, I'll try strange foods any day. Cheers!
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