Huge fireball over Northeastern US

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  • PEEZUSWORLDTOUR reply great balls of fire, I said it first so I can say that
  • TheKingofTV reply No @ErinAlexis but Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck & Steve Buscemi were.
  • ErinAlexis reply Whoa! Do you think Superman was in that one?
  • miciah reply "I remember when the first one fell, nobody thought it meant anything much at the time, but then one day, it started. more of them came, and more frequently, then, on a day I'll never forget, it seemed surreal, like a movie, only it wasn't. I saw the tv showing the wreckage of one of these vehicles, that's what they turned out to be, and nobody had any idea who or what made them, or even what material they were made from. that's when we knew. these were no mere asteroids. panic spread quickly. then one day, the whole sky was literally filled with light as what seemed like and endless shower of them began to come down. it was terrifying. people scattered and fled to any shelter and basement they could find, that's how I ended up way down here, and I've not heard from a single soul until you showed up. anyway what's your story?, hows your rat kebab? mines a little leathery."
  • AToltz reply @TheKingofTV @ErinAlexis not playing "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" in the background of this is a real missed opportunity.
  • SambaSchutte reply Whoever made a wish on that shooting star is a lucky person
  • flippo reply Is this a promo for Independence Day 2?
  • smileybridge reply Sir! Sir! SmileyBridge. SmileyBridge News. How many X-Men were made? Can you make more? Where are these X-People now? Don't walk away! America has a right to nerd out!
  • Delaine_Wright reply I would love to see one of those for myself!
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