The Nintendo 64 - Part 1 - Review - Game Sack

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  • ScreenGames reply Youtube is dying
  • RubyBlack reply THIS IS AMAZING!
  • honx4amiga reply i miss those good old n64 days!!!
  • n0dy88 reply super mario 64 was good and frustrating... the thing about this game is and was.. i am not a completionist... but my friends who got 120 stars... boasted HARD CORE still loved it! Major's mask, good for the first time around.. but getting all the mask.. even though i did get them all was as annoying as getting all the stunt jumps in gta.. 1080 snowboarding solid game, especially doing the stunts completed! getting the silver snowboarder and panda! Rush 2 STUNT MODE! amazing! smash brothers, best game ever! Goldeneye : My buddy and got so good at that game, that we would play with our hands and feet and do 2v2... on a 4 player split screen.. Shoot i need to end this comment.. Gratz on the Feature! well done on this video!
  • RetroGamePlayers reply Yeah Blast Corps is one of my favorites too
  • DankMemesOfficial reply Follow for memes
  • TyGonJinn reply Blast corps Freaking rocked
  • TyGonJinn reply Thanks google
  • MartyReactions reply Still that frame rate on diddy Kong racing bugs me
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