Top 5 BEST Disney Shows of ALL TIME

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  • Fighting_Zenith reply I will say that Star vs. the Forces of Evil was a good show, but won't compare it with Gargoyles, the good Darkwing Duck episodes, or the best of Carl Barks' Donald and Uncle Scrooge. (Those comics are what Ducktales was based off of.)
  • JBro_ reply Sorry, Justin, but nope. Your title totally misses the mark. How convenient that all the best Disney shows of ALL TIME are ALL recent, mostly from DisnryXD, cartoons, & for new generations. If Disney are to be huge again they have to appeal to ALL people. Not to mention, they need live action shows. There was a time they had a majority of kids audiences possibly because of Gravity Falls, Jessie, Austin & Ally and others, however, it seems Nick is on top. I don't know by how much, but they certainly have some really good stuff. Family is just important as kids themselves. Nickelodeon is the family channel right now. Others & I may need to check them out, but you could just say here are Top 5 Disney Shows right now, or that you should check out. I think people could give more love to the Nick shows I think are exillent. AND 1990's Mickey Mouse is not creepy. You must be thinking of the black & white 1970s version. Plus Mickey with a full mouth of teeth smerking like a SpongeBob wannabe...more holding a smiling sun, pfttt... yeah and the old Mickey was creepy? NOPE, that's creepy! LOL. Please just take this as criticism & opinion, not hate. I'm blunt, but I mean to have fun.
  • DrCut reply I can't watch disney movies, they are too cruel.
  • BTGMVidme reply Mickey Mouse Was My Fav too!
  • Aaronshy reply Disney used to be big and I'm sure if it tried hard enough it could be big again. I mean they already own rights to Star Wars.
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