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  • This_Guy_Edits reply well researched, good vid
  • InvisibleWallGaming reply Really interesting analysis and engaging video too.
  • duffy reply great analysis as always!
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply I freakin' love Hot Fuzz. Did you see Agent Carter? There was a scene where Agent Carter was trying to diffuse this bomb thing (I forget which Stark-esque tech thing was going wrong at the time). She's getting all these random materials from around the house-- hair pins, fabric, a bottle of whiskey, a bunch of things. But as she's releasing the toxins safely using all of the items at her disposal, the only thing left is the bottle of whiskey....which she then chugs when the ordeal is over because...FUCK YEAH!
  • [ – ] sarah reply i love these! especially when i can spot them out right away and can be like I TOLD YOU SO
  • mcstacky reply for the greater good
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