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  • [ – ] Revoladin reply Totally agree with this gen, so many over-hyped games too :/
  • [ – ] LukesGamePage reply Yeah man, can't argue with anything you're saying. I fet a bit 'meh' about this gen for pretty much everything you mention, but Witcher 3 (started playing recently) has made me go WOW for the first time this cycle. There is always that first special moment for each gen that makes you think it's arrived, and Witcher 3 has done it for me with Novograd. Cool T Shirt :-)
    • LifeSpiller79 parent reply Yeah their are a few in between of great titles. I need to play the Witcher 3. Still on my shelf. Being going through the backlog. Thanks I love this shirt.
  • [ – ] KazumaKaz reply Some very good points there my friend! Its very hard to find anything decent this gen, or at least finding games that are actually developed completely. I feel like this gen you really gotta look hard for good stuff because there's a crap ton of Obscure titles Ive found out there that make up for the AAA disappointments. Kinda why im pocking Yakuza 0 over Resident Evil 7. I know Sega cant screw it up cause they can make Quality games outside of Sonic lol
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