Germany: Iraqi Asylum Seeker kills People with M-16 in Disco

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  • [ – ] Inaflap reply I think you will find this interesting.
    • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply Thank you for that link. I like that guy. I am so angry now. I just found out about another terrorist attack in Germany. This "diversity" and "tolerance" and multiculturalism is just shit.
      • [ – ] Inaflap parent reply We already had enough diversity in Europe without letting all these non-Europeans move here. The fuckers who are promoting this multiculturalism want to divide us. For so long I've heard this bullshit sound bite, "Diversity is our strength". What a load of cock. People are stronger when they have common heritage, a shared culture, and values. These migrants are being encouraged here to weaken us, to divide us, and destroy our cultures. The people I've seen promoting this multiculturalism, aren't affected by it. Every fucking day I see another boatload of young men has arrived in Italy. The Italian government is threatening to give all these new arrivals visas so they can move elsewhere in Europe. It's not just the Italian government of course... that cow Merkel invited hordes of third world people to Germany... then insisted the rest of Europe take 'their' share. Then there are coastguard ships from all sorts of EU nations patrolling off the LIbyan coast. A taxi service pai...mored for by EU citizens, to bring spongers into our towns. WTF? These cunt politicians are all traitors.
        • sowhat-vidme parent reply Yes. Merkel and many other politicians are guilty of High Treason and crimes against humanity. They should be prosecuted by Den Hague, but that will never happen, because they are above the law. These treacherous scumbags, they make me sick, literally.
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