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  • [ – ] opaxel1967 reply one thing I noticed , my oh my , you have your car washed how many times a week ?? I have had my car for 2 years now , never ever needed to wash it yet ... lol ..
    • [ – ] LadyK parent reply LOL. I wash it when it gets really dirty.. maybe once a week. I use to work at a car wash, and before that job, I could care less about how dirty my car was. But then when I worked at the car wash, I thought my car was filthier than anyone's. I was wrong. Now it's a habit to wash, wax and protect it.
      • opaxel1967 parent reply well mine has this special stuff on it , got done all over when i bought it , was not cheap but well worth it .. they just wash my car when it comes out of yearly service .. .. suits me fine lol .. and I do not trust our car wash places over here .. no no
  • JustABloke reply Awesome, just got back to NZ myself, can't really say it was a vacation. I agree, everytime I eat it's also another trip to heaven :-)
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