Why I Stopped Watching Doctor Who

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  • Cheesebusters reply nice video :D
  • POVincent reply I actually really enjoyed Matt Smith, however, I will say, for me, the writing on the show started to take a bad turn with Smith's second season. More and more Moffat seemed to try to be too clever. Somethings seemed to silly and other just didn't have a satisfying pay-off, case in point, River Song's origin story. As for Peter Capaldi, I love him. I think he is a fantastic Doctor and he may be my favorite, but the writing in his seasons have been up and down. You have great moments, like the now famous, war speech from The Zygon Inverson, but then you have him making a Viking girl an immortal, which just brings up too many questions for me. I hope the new showrunner and Doctor can turn things around.
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