5 Cartoons You FORGOT You LOVED Watching As A Kid!

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  • newjess reply Arthur is the bomb. Love the one when DW and Binky eat green potato chips and spend the rest of the episode contemplating their mortality.
  • [ – ] blgdoesthings reply Nobody forgot arthur
  • Aaronshy reply I already saw this vid on YouTube but couldn't resist rewatching here. I remember Author, Oswald, and Dragon Tales. Also Rolly Polly Ollie from Disney isn't on this list I noticed. Look it up if not to see if it existed than at least to see if I misspelled it. It was a crazy and awesome CGI Disney series meant for kids that I feel not enough people saw.
  • chibbychannel reply Nice toy collection.
  • NvanzGaming reply I certainly do remember all of these shows, but I actually didn't enjoy any of them as a kid oddly enough, it wasn't until I got older that I thought they were pretty good. Pingu is definitely the best though haha.
  • SuperNovaOnTheRocks reply What camera do you use?? The quality is fantabulous.
  • DynastyStar reply I didn't watch Arthur as a kid. Never even heard of Oswald. Never heard of Dragon Tales either. Didn't hear about the Peep show until I was grown up and my niece and nephew were watching it. While I didn't watch Ed Edd and Eddy as a kid, I was aware of its existence; I just never bothered to watch it. Never heard of the last one but I gtg to work so I can't find the name. Try harder though, I can think of a few underrated shows I watched as a kid.
  • sarah reply oh man dragontales takes me back to when i used to watch between the lions, clifford, and dragontales back to back on tv when i didn't have cable. hooray for educational children's television!
  • aleonardoartz reply I'm only 13 and I watch(ed) all these shows
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