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  • [ – ] XandyPants reply you want more support on here or on YouTube? :D this video has great tempo :] it's been fun to hear your way of speaking change subtly over time!
    • [ – ] x3lplive parent reply oh hey Xander actually getting ready for work soon. I don't know about support I like making videos and helping people understand things that is otherwise harder to understand. I guess which every that could do well. If it benefits me such that i can quit my jobs and just make videos that be great too hohohohoho right now i feel like having Vid.me is also like having a backup for my backup hahahaha i redownload my videos and reupload here what a long morning @.@
      • [ – ] XandyPants parent reply talk to you later then :] I'm not verified yet, but I did apply. did it take you long? also I REALLY want to pick your brain about Subscription on this platform, and also also about your stance on making this full-time, which it sounds like you're interested in. we gotta talk soon; I'm moving in May but I have a looong list of schemes~
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