Singing With Noise Cancelling Headphones | TheAngelCaroll

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  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply I know you were disappointed that the singing didn't come out the way you wanted, but I think it's great that you experimented with the process to see if it would work. I think you you have courage, as you posted your work even though it's not at the level you hoped for. Like with anything, the more you practice, the better and better you will get. We all have things we want to be really good at but we are not there yet. I think your video makes you relatable to everyone in that way. Thanks for sharing your passion with us!
    • TheAngelCaroll parent reply I was singing with headphones in. If you can't hear yourself you really can't sing. Not to sound cocky but I can sing without headphones. I just have performance anxiety so it always sounds a bit off.
  • TheAngelCaroll reply Get ready for the cringiest thing you've ever seen!
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