BREAKING: Slaughter of 28 Coptic Christians in Egypt- Media Silent

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply People that say their scared to say anything about ISLAM because they don't want to be a target. News break you don't have to Charlie Habdo, if your not a Muslim they want you to convert or they want to kill you for them everyone is a target for we are all Kafir to them. The children 22 girls that were killed are Kafir, the people on the bridge that were ran over are Kafir, the people at the Concert in Germany were Kafir, or watching the fireworks display are Kafir. Well I have some bad news for people who say they don't want to be on ISLAMS kill list to consider. Accept it you already are, because your a Kafir you on a list in some Mosque somewhere. They just haven't published your name yet.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Your right we are in one group it called NON Believer Kafir. It's is broken down into smaller groups as they have a special hate for JEWS and Homosexuals followed by atheist. But we all fall under the term. Kafir meaning "unbeliever", or "disbeliever". The term alludes to a person who rejects or disbelieves in God and the teachings of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad
  • ResistanceChicks777 reply The problem is not Islamophobia or xenophobia. Liberty Freedom vs slavery, The problem is tyranny vs equality. Tyranny Globalism religious domination vs a republic and democracy. The problem is that the Quran teaches people to "abuse others"'Women children, everyone, your enemies must die! In America, we call that a dysfunctional relationship, an abusive relationship. An example is; a mother hits her child so hard the child's arm is broken. They go to the hospital and the child says it's my fault I fell down the stairs. Those who do nothing about men who abuse them in the name of religious freedom or culture are like this child. Not only abused by people imposing themselves on their land, personal property, country, but these evil people who use religion to give themselves unalienable rights to abuse people also abuse them mentally enslaving to them. People lie for these abusers. It is domination of one person or group of people over others or another person! It is a type of oppressi...moreon, tyranny, That is what Muhammad is; a tyrant, so those who follow him are also tyrants!
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