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  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply come on dude, don't sound defeated. The big YTers didn't come here yet, also even if they come i don't think this means that you will lose followers. In YT the subscription feed is sometimes broken. Better to have a sub feed working that not being in the hot page. As long as your followers can see your vids it's ok if you are not always in the hot page. Don't worry about the views. Whether you are in Vidme or YT, not 100% of your followers will watch every video. You won't see any creators even BIG ones, where they get the same views as their subs. Just keep it up. I know you have many good ideas. don't say your spotlight is over
    • phantom_films parent reply Believe it or not but this was meant to be a positive video. I had my time in the spotlight and I wanted to thank the people who were not just watching me cause it was cool.
  • theoldsparrow reply Well the exposed videos had a big following and that's how I got into your channel. If it weren't for your regular content I wouldn't have stuck around. That's just me but I'm sure you'll get more followers over time that like your stuff. As vidme grows so will you, man. Also the podcasts are a good move. It 's a lot of fun and I laugh my ass off at it most of the time.
  • MrATAndreiThomas reply It's good to have you part of the vidme community you got yourself a follower.
  • [ – ] kcjonescentral reply You are the only channel I have clicked the bell on throughout all of vidme xP
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