Joker Should Have Been The Villain In Suicide Squad

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  • RubenLeija reply I disagree. I think they gave plenty of exposure to Jared as the new joker. The reason I say that is because Heath Ledger set the bar so high as the joker, that I don't think Jared Leto could have met those expectations. Expose anymore of it and I think a lot of people would of been mad or upset because their isn't another Heath Ledger type. This was the introduction to who the new actor for the Joker is and so the franchise wouldn't get so much hate of who they chose. I think Jared did a fantastic part and can be a great Joker for future movies.
  • Gabrihel reply I really like Jared Leto, but his take on the Joker is the cringiest thing I've seen on the big screen in years :/
  • GeekTheory reply @duffy unfortunately we won't be seeing him reappear for awhile -.-
  • duffy reply i still can't decide if i liked jared leto's version of the joker. need to see more in the solo dolo batman movie.
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