The Off Grid Tiny House 37 Mice & Leaks

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  • [ – ] MaitreMarkScully reply Mice are an important source of food in very bad times.....
    • [ – ] TheOffGridTinyHouse parent reply lol they hardily give you any calories man. You get more calories from eating your own finger nail.
      • [ – ] MaitreMarkScully parent reply once the finger nails are gone the mice better watch out!
        • [ – ] TheOffGridTinyHouse parent reply lol nasty! i rather stock up at the dollar tree on food in the meantime
          • [ – ] MaitreMarkScully parent reply but seriously, in the Bauklans wars people said they survived by eating pigeons and rats (an air riffle is silent and can feed you - rat traps too). They could not tend gardens because snipers shot at them, and some militia would come for your harvest anyway. You wanted your house to look abandoned, never go outside in the day light, always have two armed watchmen, one in the house, one covering the house. Trust no one, kill or be killed. Starvation and disease killed as many as guns. A rat trap was the prized possession in the Soviet Gulags, you could trade a rat or eat it, they were more nutritious than the meals for prisoners.
            • [ – ] TheOffGridTinyHouse parent reply your right but I plan on stocking up so It doesn't come to that for me and my family lol
              • MaitreMarkScully parent reply one year this went on for, before the war ended. And, if you can eat mcdonalds you can eat rat. Hopefully we never need to know what a rat tastes like or have to survive a war. I like you vids, thought provoking.
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