Favorite Moments from Last Year's Half Marathon Training

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  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Well yesterday I ran erm ran/walked 2km which is like .61miles ? afterwards, I wanted to die OMG ... but small steps yes ? hey did I just see bacon and eggs on your plate ? is that good for runners ?
    • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas parent reply I guess running and cycling use different muscles!
      • therunningrebel parent reply They actually use a lot of the same muscles! Running just involves a lot more pounding on the body, so that can take some time to get used to. :)
    • therunningrebel parent reply Yes! Small steps will still get you places!! Indeed you did. :) Bacon and eggs is my all time favorite second breakfast (which is just my post-run meal). I think so! I mean, its protein which helps your muscle recovery, fat (the fat is bacon isn't the best, but as long as you're not eating a crazy amount of it it's fine) which helps keep you full and even helps your body absorb certain vitamins, and salt which is actually something everyone, especially runners like me who tend to sweat salty, needs a little bit of!
    • [ – ] JessicaMartwin parent reply A short distance is better than nothing :)
      • [ – ] JustABloke parent reply Most definitely, I think once my body gets more comfortable with this new exercise, it will get better.
        • therunningrebel parent reply It totally will! You'll be running longer distances before you know it! But for now it's actually better to ease into it with shorter distances, until your body gets used to the pounding. That will keep you from getting injured. :)
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Thirteen miles is a lot of running! Thirteen miles of walking would probably kill me about now, but that's what training is for. I wish you great success this year! Super slow running is still running. Thank you for sharing your aspirations with us!
  • [ – ] JessicaMartwin reply I want to run it but who knows if I'll be ready hahaha :) here's to hoping.... I love a good challenge though.
    • [ – ] therunningrebel parent reply I'll drag you across the finish line if I have to. ;)
    • [ – ] JustABloke parent reply I hope you do, I just looked at that longviewhalf website, it looks to accomodate a great range of abilities. November, cripes if I was doing that, I'd panic 7months is kinda short, and hunting down pokemon during training could be a distraction LoL.
      • therunningrebel parent reply They really are!! The time limit is supposed to be 3 hours, but they keep everything going until around 4 hours, so theoretically you could probably power walk and finish the course. :) And most Half Marathon training plans are around 12-16 weeks long, so there's still plenty of time to train!
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