Potential War With North Korea: What We Ought to be Focused On

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  • therealChrissy reply Thank goodness you're prolific here, too. Can't do without my Styx commentary. Just getting on here finally
  • VybeyPantelonez reply You make some very good points here. I mostly agree. Really this is too complicated to type out on a phone but in brief i think that we need to have a coalition of forces to help us with this if for nothing else: for diplomacy. No matter what we are going to continue getting dragged into war, but lets not pretend its for the good of anyone; it's just like everything else; it's all about the money. I acknowledge this as something i could never change so of all the places this would be the best as their regime is genuinely horribly oppressive to it's people. I am concerned that this will spark off a larger conflict and also... more importantly.. what if we send our forces over there and then WE get attacked??? Our military would be halfway across the planet and weakened. At the end of the day though, im just too tired from working, and paying taxes, to care much; and im starting to get sick of being alive, so my willingness to complain or voice my concern is dimming.
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