Riley Flagged, Narcissism Ensues, Reality Ignored

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  • DJuice97 reply i hope that vidme don't become YouTube
  • Igbon5 reply Google is shit now.
  • [ – ] 3rdShiftPhilosopher reply So many people on vidme that I never found on YouTube. Great vid
    • Hayesenberg parent reply Thanks. I'd like to see this platform really take off and hope they don't start pissing on free speech the same way Google are.
  • Chozeh_Abaddon reply Do not call him a her, ffs.
  • Platypus67 reply You're so on point with this video it's not even funny; you literally speak my mind world for word! You just got yourself a new follower.
  • DJuice97 reply no matter how much money Riley wastes on his face he will still look like a 90' skater but more gay looking
  • wechat reply I found by accident when YouTube banned AiU. Seems they did me a favour, because there's a lot of excellent channels here!
  • SailorLoon reply (((Hayesenberg)))
  • Igbon5 reply Google is actively contributing to the oppression of and brutality against women, apostates and atheists. Especially women. Go google.
  • [ – ] AdventuresOfSuze reply Mine got flagged for nudity is not necessarily sexual anyway. Plus YouTube is not creator friendly-a viewer can flag 3 videos when they haven't even got a channel. So a creator who has been providing content for months or years whole channel gets pulled down
    • Hayesenberg parent reply I've seen that happen to a few channels. It looks like YouTube is only going to get worse when it comes to fucking content creators over. Google once said their motto was "Do No Evil", and Steve Jobs was right, they are full of shit.
  • [ – ] ParaGirlStories reply This is why I've come here, YouTube seems to be doing this A LOT recently x
  • [ – ] WendyB reply I'm going to switch to watching vidme first instead of youtube from now on.
  • PoliticalRight0 reply YouTube is 3:).
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