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  • alex1gx reply Glad you're still making videos Gabe. Now you can be politically incorrect.
  • Ledererable reply i remember your yt video :-) you said that ohomo turned the white house into a shit hole :-) still laughing.......
  • GlobalProBlack reply You're an idiot, die fast bitch.
  • Boots100 reply Trump don't have the balls to arrest Obama...
  • HELLTOPAY reply The president is NOT on a "respite." He is working at his retreat in New Jersey for 17 days while they renovate and hopefully fumigate the WH from the dirtbag Obamas. Don't ever tell the president of US what to do, you asshole. You could show a more support for him who has to clean the place up along with the country's messes.
  • 216 reply The WH is teeming with muzzies including Brennan (although retired) and it's looking like McMaster too firing big time supporters of Trump. Swamp is seemingly bottomless right about now.
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