Dropping and Propping | The Last Guardian, Part 10

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  • [ – ] Faux_Fox reply You must have known that I wanted to watch something tonight. Just kidding. But I am happy about it all the same. ^_^
    • [ – ] Xexor parent reply :) I'm glad I got it posted; it had been a little bit.
      • [ – ] Faux_Fox parent reply I really was planning on watching this last night. I fell asleep early. I was really tired. I am always tired. I am off today and this weekend. I am really happy about that. My life has felt so monotonous for so long. I have a list, though. If I can do all of those things, then my life will be a lot less stressful and I can have more time for more enjoyable things. I am working on that list now. Today I am unpacking boxes that have been sitting in my basement since I moved in. That was in December. I really want to start taking classes again. Maybe just one at a time. But my Geology degree is so close. I just feel terrible that I have put it off. And then I can get my Masters in Paleontology. That would so exciting. :)
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