Charlottesville: Patriots say what really happened

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  • [ – ] AndyOch reply Look into the history of Hollywood and you will see that Fox and CNN are of the same tribe of emigrants that ran to the RF devices of that Era. The trick is to give you the illusion of having a choice, then you will be somewhat satisfied internally when the split occurs and you do not know if you made the right choice in the vote. There is not choice in America anymore. The Fractional Banking system bears the most blame. There are power structures that are working against each other that are ripping America apart with importing diseased cheap labor. Beautiful as they are, I still itch when I think about them. Laws are another issue. I order to increase an Agencies income and power, the pass new regulation on top of regulation, to the point that Americans are not born with a silver spoon in their mouths, rather an IOU! Do not believe the numbers on TV that say we have a GDP of 22 Trillion Dollars. If you ride through the country, you will the devastation, the dilapidated houses, the obe...morese peoples it is a joke! The cities look well if you are looking at the skyscrapers and the folk in that area but that is the only places that are untouched by emigration and the poverty that follows a low wageworker. I guess it is better than Venezuela but I would rather have a government that is like China that does not allow foreigners to buy land and allow emigration of unlike (F)Volk. It would be like a Capitalist Russia, with all of our inventions lighting the way! This is a fact. In order to help a minority to rise up to the middle class, you have to suppress the native population. That means you rob the white population by replacing the schoolbooks with a book that the low IQ of the Dark men can read and relate. I know this first hand, because I was "Pushed" two grades because my parents educated me prior to sending me to public school and it was a joke. I advise these young patriots buy a privately scripted set of educational books like math and biology and master that because nothing is going to change until a Revolution happens! You have to get private books from teachers that leave the meat and potatoes in the books. This is certain, I have three sets of books for Trigonometry, One for the student, one for the teacher to grade and one for the Wizard. You cannot educate yourself without all of the books to each book! It is impossible! Fractional Banking and Capitalism may have thrived longer without emigration! This is what gives away the fraud. You can see yourself and your neighbors being bypassed for cheap labor with your own eyes!
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply There is an overregulation of government, it is so absurd, yes. When I parked my car or one of the company cars in the wrong spot for longer than 5 minutes, somebody who is not a policeman, but some city patrolman would give me a ticket. Ridiculous. Or the tax laws in Germany. Not even tax lawyers know all of them, that is how many there are and how complicated they are. Instead of having a one page paper to fill out, they send each year a taation form out, which is very long and not easy to understand. It is formulated in a very complicated language. This is all done on purpose, to scare the Germans and make them pay more in taxes than they actually should. This whole taxation system is sustaining itself. That means, these parasitic leeches that make these absurd tax laws can only keep their jobs, if they make the laws as complicated as possible. And I totally agree with you about the official falsified statistics, and the fact that an offer of too many cheap workers drives down the...more income and makes large parts of people become unemployed.
  • [ – ] AndyOch reply I told you what was going to happen. The left has stepped up the pace at which it is rewriting history. Under the cover of darkness of night, many states began removal of all confederate statues. I am guessing that you thought that I was a kook, with all of my ramblings. I could see the swelling of the agony that is expressed by the feelings that people get when they go into public places and are the only white in the crowd! I read the auras and energy fields that other cannot and I see the disfigured warped masses of energy around white people. These energy fields are symmetrical in a person with good mental health. They are getting rarer and rarer the older I get. I can see what Jung was talking about by reading the insane patients in the Asylums that he worked in for this same introspection now and why he dropped out of the NWO plans for domination that Freud and his henchmen constructed. These speak louder than words because it is emotion, in the rawest form. I see the trails of t...morehe energy fields drunk by the Africans as a goblin drinks down the suffering of souls. I am just guessing that people have forgotten this ability and have been fooled by the Freudian lies of Egos because it can be observed, like there is a moon in the sky. However, when the moon passes in front of the sun and creates a shadow, we do not call it a religion. There are stronger forces that trump this observation. The strangest energy field is the field of the mixed race peoples. They are oblong and flat like a side view of a spiral galaxy or the milky was in the night sky. I can only guess that these are a representation of a divided soul, pulled into two directions, inward. I see more of these in shopping malls than in any other place. This has helped me form the option that these mongroids are being promoted by the globalists' in the commercials, with the white woman and a man with the purple penis, on a couch watching TV together, promoting whatever goods that they are selling. Mix-It-Up, because this expands the economy, because they will never know the peace and serenity of being anything that they want to be, EVER AGAIN! It is the latest sin of the father! They are lost like we are lost, suffering the sins of our mothers and fathers having bought these wretches from Islam because they did not even want them! A slaver that does not want a slave it a "Sign" people! You can call it an "Omen"! When you go to buy a used car and you find one that you like but then change your mind, then pick another on the same lot, do not buy the car when you are offered $1000 off by the salesman for picking that car and not another. Because your intuition told you to move on. This is the true source creation of political correctness. Because the white man does not want to be left with another used car that will break down as soon as it gets off the lot, or catches a whiff of a mechanic that says, I will fix you for "Free", then sends you a bill in the mail. You will never catch me crawling in my head to appease any minority. This would be a lie to myself and an attack on my own source energy. Without an uninterrupted flow of this energy, you cannot grow. With this energy diverted into the louse of the growing hoards, you will wither and die. If this is not addressed, I see it as an end to capitalism and I can see this happening in my time. I sure do not spend that cash that I make because I see the forces of the corporate entities that are ripping us apart as well, part of the problem too. I am moving back to Europe! As I said before, I think if you gave the now called "Liberals" a free leash to run the streets, they would rewrite history to the point that the Negroids will have stormed the beaches of Normandy alone and stamped out fascism. Fascism defeats Fascism. Funny how it works. My advice for people to save themselves from the next civil war, BUY A DOG! Start a new generation that promotes self-deportation of nonwhites back to their countries so that they can build them up and have some real self-esteem. Not some fabricated self-image that will last for a week and then lead them back into the local welfare office! Let's make new commercials of the great opportunities in Angola, for instance. They have outlawed Islam and are bringing in Chinamen, Europeans and Russians to show them how to build cities of tomorrow with black labor. The US government is blocking these countries propaganda, because they want to keep the dumbed down labor. I have a Discover Angola and a trump bumper sticker on my car. I did this so that people would look into this when they saw it. So that they can find the call or labor online when they looked it up. So that they can see, there is a "Paradise" just for them. So that they can see that they do not need to beg for scraps off the table of the white race, they have a country and most importantly, that can have their own names. No more, "Hi, I am Erik Holder, the nigga Viking. Vad heter du"? Really a black Erik? Was there ever a greater travesty? The only real solution is self-deportation and the promotion of it, so that everyone can get the enlightenment & that that felling of supreme peace, before the invasion of Rome, Invasion of the Khans, Invasion of Islam, Etc. Europeans had no need for castles and forts before these heathen came into our lands and put us on the defense, needing fences. A history is destroyed on the outside by these crazies that want take down statues that do not have any vision for a lasting peace. Just "Popcorn Peace". Pop, you heard the sound, it sparked your curiosity, and you looked; now you are bored again until the next pop. GO BUY A DOG, KISS AND MAKE UP! That dog is as smart as you, chasing is own tail. The real architects want them gone because they want to cement their controls into the very air! You know what to do, listen to your inner voice, not the newscaster that is telling you to be ashamed because you want peace! Look into European society. Look into the real future…Cities of TOMARROW!
    • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply I do not think you are some sort of kook. I can see society falling apart, and it is clearly done by design. It is the old "divide and conquer" tactics. The globalists who are pulling the strings want to create racial, ideological, religious division. In my opinion, this is done to destabilize society and then bring in full control. Full control via total censorship and martial law. Ultimately comes exploitation and annihilation. These globalists are inhumane and crazy.
      • [ – ] AndyOch parent reply It takes the lives of thousands of white people to fill the shoes of one 3rd world immigrant. They are quantumly empty and have no soul! They take our tax money to blow life into them, they take our tax money to feed them, they take our tax money to house them, they take our tax money to employee them in jobs that are false and unneeded. They DESTROYED the public school systems when they swapped the books so they could go the school with white children. Now they want to breed with us! HELL NO! If the CDC where to release the diseases t hat these people had online there would be a mass rioting just on that issue. People like to have sex with different people when they are young do to the media but the ones that do not know of the incurable disease are thrown under the bus for the sake of the economy. The list is just never ending.
        • sowhat-vidme parent reply Yes. The globalist eugenicists phantasize about a "unified race". They want to get rid of purely black or purely white coloured people. They are truly insane,
  • [ – ] weiggie66 reply Everyone needs to read the book 1984 by George Orwell. The Ministry of Truth, called Minitrue, is part of the world government machine. This fictitious book is becoming reality.
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply Yes. Orwell was from a globalist family himself, and he knew what would be coming. I honestly think that he wrote the novel to warn humanity of what the real plans of the globalists are. So, in my opinion it is not only a great fictional book, but actually a warning to all of us.
  • [ – ] weiggie66 reply MSM is like OPEC. They have formed an alliance to control the narrative that is fed to the public. This includes all television media. Do not believe a single word from them.
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