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  • Oatworks reply Yeah, I wouldn't mind learning more about emotive AI. Because of the willing suspension of disbelief required for enjoying fictional works, passing the Turing Test is not required to create NPC's that engage with the player emotionally. Indeed, I'm pretty sure it's ethically necessary to stay well to the behaviorally "cartoonish" side of the uncanny valley in this area. In my view, it is more accurate to call emotive AI's on the realistic side "sentient beings," or "people," a difficult quandary. It is difficult to prove a difference between a computer-like idiot savant and a truly realistic emotive AI.
  • Ferrarinator reply Interesting way of explaining Game AI, I liked the part in the video when you where explaining about Koopa Troopers/Goombas going left. Also the animation is great.
  • Platypus67 reply Great explanations and facts!
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