Social Justice Warrior Zombies

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  • [ – ] Raimundo_Escuadra reply I mean the last video: monkey with AK. xDDD I don't know who is dumber!
  • [ – ] Raimundo_Escuadra reply It seems exactly like "War in the planet of the apes". Very funny!!!
  • Raimundo_Escuadra reply I selected Alte Kameraden, a well known music made before the nazis (1889) but that was appropiated by them. One has to think of everything in these days! xD
  • [ – ] Raimundo_Escuadra reply I used a trailer from Wolfenstein 2: The new Colossus, a videogame that is going to arrive in October 2017. xD
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply Oh, I did not know that. The graphics of that Wolfenstein game look amazing. Your subtitles are very funny and they fit 100%. And I know that editing and inserting subtitles takes lots of time, I am not patient enough to do that. Many greatings to you.
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