Oh Joy! (And her sycophantic fans)

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  • [ – ] hockeyknight reply Sounds like a really big mess.
  • AbuLahab111 reply Based, why are you slandering Joy? You know this commentary by a legal expert: // @LawLibertyCompassion Justice : (edited by @interlace) Based Mama claims that Chambers told her that Joy had privileged information obtained after the gag order. (Any proof?) She then claims it is very very illegal and Joy will go to jail or at the least be held in contempt of court and fined. (Wrong.) She then says the best case for Rose is that the case will be thrown out. (Wrong.) She then claims Joy and her leaker are in serious trouble. (Wrong for Joy but if true, her leaker is in trouble.) She then says that Joy probably sabotaged Rose’s case. (Where is the proof of any privileged info and how can you conclude the case is sabotaged?) She then waives her hands in the air and appears to have trouble breathing like she’s having a panic attack. She then states Rose’s email and social accounts have been hacked. (With Rose’s media and email being hacked, it’s possible any privile...moreged info Joy has, if any, may have come from those hackers.) She then speculates that the leak could be from the D05 side or an officer of the court and that will end the case if true. (Wrong. Such a leak would result in sanctions and possibly contempt for the D05 side but shouldn’t end the case unless the case itself is somehow tainted.) She then states that Joy is breaking the law by receiving the leaked info. (Wrong. It is not illegal for the press to receive classified information let alone family law stuff. Look up the Pentagon Papers.) She then says SHE DOESN'T KNOW IF ANY OF THIS IS TRUE. (Which pretty much voids the video up to this point.) She again states Joy will be in contempt of court. (Wrong.) She then says Joy will probably be fined if not charged with “hindering justice” and go to jail. (This is where it gets painful for a real lawyer. She’s making up crimes that don’t exist at this point.) She then goes into Joy not being a mentally well person while appearing to have a minor mental breakdown herself. (Understandable if she lost her kids in family court. That will screw you up for life.) She then concludes that Joy’s drive for fame has made her do these illegal things. (Wrong. Even if true it’s not illegal.) She then claims that Joy is just like Mike because all she wants is fame. (Joy gave Chambers her interview with the BBC. That is 348 million viewers. If Joy’s after fame, she sure as hell screwed that up.) She then complains that Joy should have told the police when the info was leaked. (Well beside the fact Mama already said she doesn’t know if any of this is true, Joy should inform the court, not the police.) Next follows several minutes about internet drama and mental issues. She’s then tells Bloody Fissures to “maybe not speculate on things”. (Yes Mama, that sounds like very good advice. Speculating on things when you don’t know, can make you appear foolish. Right?) Next she talks about her daughter being stolen to another country. (Damn that sucks.) Here at the end of her video she claims to know that Joy has illegal info leaked to her. (But just a few minutes earlier Mama was saying she doesn’t know.) She then claims Joy is bragging about having inside info. (Where?) More on drama and her cultish fans sucking and Joy falling and being dysfunctional. (Kinda nuts.) She then says she is calling the police to report that Joy has privileged info. (That’s a hell of a crazy crazy step to take when you have no clue if any of this is true. Plus you should let the court know, not the police.) //
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