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  • [ – ] linktheinformer reply I'm so glad you responded to the challenge! I am very glad you are on Vidme!
  • LWentworth8567 reply @WARPATH_GAMING here you go sir! Another video and tagged like you asked! @cornshaq , @Nancy_drew_sleuth85 , @SemiZeroGravity , @ChipsGameCorner & @YVSLIII keep up the awesome! @linktheinformer thanks for the challenge and the shout out AND to all the viewers and followers... Thanks for watching hope you enjoy!
  • [ – ] SemiZeroGravity reply oh wow just got verified and already mentioned in a bigger's (whats the equivilant of YouTuber?) video? wow i feel honoured. and ill accept the challenge just give me while to make a video cause things have been poopy for me
    • LWentworth8567 parent reply I's ok take your time honestly this is really a welcome to the community I was challenged not long after I was verified! Keep up the good work!
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