Corporate Media Lies Again about MOAB Price

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  • lobojack reply Nobody actually knows what moab costs as the Air Force is the one who built it with money from their budget. It wasn't built by the military industrial complex.
  • MattBerial reply The body count is in the 100's from what I last heard, or very close to it.
  • Jim-Bob reply $170,000.... worth every cent.
  • MidrangeKEK reply Actually wikileaks says the tunnel system started as a CIA built system.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Hey styx, thanks for turning me on to vidme!!! I came over here originally to support ya but lovin the site's neutrality. As far as the moab is concerned... we've been droning under obomba for so long i hardly see how this matters. Afaik no civilians got wasted so thats good. If they're going to keep bombing the fuck out of the middle east i think we need to stop killing civilians so as to not multiply terrorism. I also think we need to choose... middle east OR dprk but not both: how do these neocons think we can afford the resources and money to attack both?? Its almost as if they're trying to intentionally collapse this govt/monetary system under the weight of our debt so the globalists can take over... no thanks. Peace bruh
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