Married Men Now Pay The Majority Of All Taxes

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  • Insidio reply Married is End of the Road 👾
  • Kiruna reply good, it means men have all the power. we walk or appear to be going to walk and the gov will come fast around to giving us men our rights back.
  • [ – ] jp9605 reply When you're single you can shit all over the marriage institution and save money. Not to mention stocking up on tangible resources for SHTF. It's going to be fuckin' hillarious to watch society and married couples implode as they wander the streets looking for answers as to what the fuck happened. These bitches will most likely ditch their husbands when he can no longer pay and probably fuck through men like kangaroos for cash. Sad to see too many men get married by thinking with the wrong head.
    • ArtisMaximus parent reply when I was actually considering marriage, it wasn't because of sex at all. It was because of genuine love. I no longer have that. It's unfortunate that it's truly come to this, but it is the way it is now. Hopefully things change, but so far I don't have much hope for that.
  • PhoenixRising reply Don't be a cuck and get married.
  • [ – ] Perseus_Gold reply SHTF here we come. They will try to create a bachelor tax and men will just go onto benefits rather than work to pay it. It didn't work for the Roman Empire, it wont work this time either. This is why even otherwise rational people like Jordan Peterson attack MGTOW, he see this coming just as well as we do. Fuck Feminism, they have made this bed and they will lay in it as all the single mothers stop being able to get welfare.
    • CodeHandLuke parent reply Agree, they gonna make single people pay more taxes some how. If there is a will to extract money from the people, they will find a way.
  • Verax reply Considering a huge portion of my working, educated single male friends are unmarried... That's a bad sign for the US economy.
  • [ – ] minefarter reply a bit confused, are we attacking happily married people as well as single moms now?
  • Bisexual420Hex reply I agree and its true. Men are paying into something that is unhealthy for them. Also a number of them are becoming fathers because they are told its the right thing to do. That in itself is unhealthy behavior. Marriage is dying out and more men are seeing that being a father is not something they want to be.
  • Verax reply Not only what you earn, what you spend too. You end up getting drained of probably 50-70% of what you earn in your life through taxes.
  • [ – ] BobbyB1 reply Single men don't need a house I have a one bedroom condo and all I have to do is 500 a month for rent
  • RPGenius reply Nice bro, youre the one mgtow dominating the front page! :D
  • Lucifer66_ reply Men can be fathers . Just like homosexual couples. Find a surrogate.. you dont need women for thay. And single fathers are great raising either boys or girls. Women are retarded kids without logic we dont need them
  • Sebastian_Dangerfield reply I hope more young men walk away from the gynocentric systems in western societies. MGTOW is spreading, but it's still not enough. Too many young men are willing to climb into the meat grinder.
  • Dave8814 reply As a guy who was injured and my pension is tax free except for social security, my social security is royally TAXED beyond belief. It nuts.
  • [ – ] davidmorris1914 reply Roman bacholar tax.... way to go esoteric
  • minefarter reply Yes the deck is stacked against us but that is not a reason to not search for a good woman who can provide the things a woman provides while we also provide what a man provides. Have children and enjoy the good things nature has to offer. If we all joined the sexodus the west is certainly doomed and possibly in our lifetime.
  • psalm1839 reply Lol married cucktards..
  • mgtow98 reply Thats not right
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