Getting My Ham Radio license? Maybe

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  • [ – ] RBTV_Politics reply If your going for your ham license I highly recommend the Technician Class Manual by Gordon West (W5YI). It goes over all of the questions in the FCC question pool, gives you the answer and a detailed explanation/additional info related to the question. I used his study books for my Technician and General class tests. Good luck!
  • Mountainghost556 reply Smart thinking, I got my license for SAR Operations command, I have met really cool people in the ham community but just to let you know there are some strange ones to lol. One of the cool parts is learning to build your own antennas and contacting others with what you have built, go for it you won't regret it. If you're going to start try getting a UV 5R hand held radio by Baofeng reall good radios for the price.
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