flee market find of an old .177 Pellet rifle to Black (gun) Powder Conversion and how to do it! step by step

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  • [ – ] Hb_etcetera reply True, but your still buying primers. Unless ya convert it to a flintlock. Somewhere on Utube, I seen how to convert a 22 air rifle. (not to flint, either) Was some years ago. Might a been one of your vids, I dunno? Anyhow, I don't have one. I have a 177 just like in this vid. I keep it for plinking and varmits.
    • Blue_Rayner parent reply There are also utube vids which show how to make your own 'Primers' (from cap's and coke-can cut-outs) I envy you, being able to keep it for plinking and varmits lucky! glad you'd liked it
  • [ – ] Hb_etcetera reply Interesting. I read somewhere that if ya wanna send a 22 pellet down range freaky fast, push it with one of them 22 nail driving cartridges. Especially them ones ya drive fasteners into concrete with.
  • Blue_Rayner reply Published on 18 Jun 2013 How I converted a 177 caliber pellet rifle to fire black powder. This project cost me $0 but if I had to buy everything it would be less than $100. The cost of the pellet rifles is about $50.00 and the screw and nut and washer about $1 at the most so actually a $51.00 build and a little work disassembling and drilling out the barrel and hole for the firing pin and then reassembling. This was actually easier than I thought it would be and I cant wait to try it with a .22 caliber pellet rifle. for best results in shooting use the heaviest grain pellets you can find. So far I have used 9.5 grain .177 caliber pellets but I will be ordering some heavier ones soon. I will also order some heavy .22 caliber pellets for the new build. This will allow me to bypass the .22 LR ammo shortage by making my own .22 caliber black powder firearm. I also want to try and find the pistol version of this pellet gun and do a conversion on it. I remember having one years ago but have...more no clue what ever happened to it. A video of it firing will come soon if the weather will cooperate. see here https://youtu.be/uNdzQHGXr6s Check with your local laws to see if such firearms are legal where you live before building any firearm. As a disclaimer I am not responsible for any injuries resulting from anyone attempting to recreate this firearm for personal use. by BamaBackwoodsman. Thank you.
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