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  • [ – ] Switchblade_Jackson1 reply That's good stuff. Meanwhile while Trump is trying to unite the country this 4rth of July, Obama is overseas preaching his disdain of not only America, but anybody who loves America. And for good measure takes a shot at white people with their "increased resentment of minority groups". In 2008, race relations were the best they'd ever been and were only going to get better. The globalist tactics of this despicable man and his cohorts is what screwed everything up. And to think I voted for him in 08. shoulda paid a little more attention to the reverend "god damn america" wright situation. Just had to vent. Here's the article. http://www.theamericanmirror.com/obama-warns-americans-much-patriotism-july-4th-weekend/#more-27535
    • [ – ] KultovKristofer parent reply Wow, thanks for that article! Obama has been bad mouthing America since he got into office - Its a disgrace. And like I have said before I believe he was setting things up and they were expecting to put the final nail in the coffin with Hillary. We saved ourselves by electing Trump, but that alone isn't the final solution - we need to keep fighting to save our Nation and Western culture from the Obamas and Hillarys of the world!
      • [ – ] Switchblade_Jackson1 parent reply So true. I was thinking whoever the globalist put into office after Hillary would have been the final nail to democracy but she very well could have been that final nail. I was reading the comment section of that article and found this upcoming website. It's not fully up yet but could be something to watch. http://rightfighthq.com/
        • KultovKristofer parent reply i'll check it out - I actually just did a quick video on the last article you sent, Obama Bashing Patriotism, sothanks!
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