Nintendo Power's Five Worst Reviewed Games of 1995

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  • ToxicToucan reply I never played the Power Rangers beat em up. Interesting.
  • [ – ] EroticNightmares reply Great video, man. For some reason I've never tried Samurai Showdown, but I think I'm going to now.
    • DefunctGames parent reply You absolutely need to play Samurai Shodown. In fact, just skip straight to Samurai Shodown II, it's the highlight of series. And if you haven't played The Last Blade II, make sure and add that to the list. Those two series are among the best the Neo Geo has to offer.
  • duffy reply simpler times
  • [ – ] lolinternet reply You are on the front page, good job
    • DefunctGames parent reply Yeah, I saw that. :) Nice to see people finding the video. It's funny how two of the videos in this Nintendo Power series have over 1100 views, but the rest have a couple dozen. VidMe is funny and random. Thanks for watching the video and leaving a comment.
  • anonamatron reply Super Nintendo Chalmers
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